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Artflix Agency
The Online THEATER

Providing Support to art Creators



Since our inception, Artflix Agency has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

We are a network run by art creators. We support other art creators. We lead the Artflix Online Theater and use the latest technology to guarantee full safety in the application. At our Online Theater, art creators get paid instantly and directly from spectator to the creator, thanks to the peer to peer network provided by Artflix Agency with

Artflix Shares

Shareholders can vote on the content of the Artflix Online Theater and for the selection of the Artflix artists. Invest directly in Artflix Agency and buy the Artflix Shares on the

Core Team

Sebastian Kläy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Performer, graduated from DIMITRI academy and Master of Arts at Bern.

Alessandra Ardito

Chief Community Manager

Actress, graduated from DIMITRI academy.

UBIS University of Business and International Studies


Chief Marketing Manager

Daniel 'dj' Johannes