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Since our inception, Artflix Agency has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

We are a network run by art creators. We support other art creators. We lead the Artflix Online Theater and use the latest technology to guarantee full safety in the application. At our Online Theater, art creators get paid instantly and directly from spectator to the creator, thanks to the peer to peer network provided by Artflix Agency with

Our Mission

People spend more and more time in the digital space. Theater, on the other hand, usually takes place only: why can not we find a digital place for theater? The german language theater landscape is one of the greatest achievements of recent centuries, with over 8,500 productions a year. The shared live experience on site is unique and irreplaceable.


What is blockchain?

Put simply, a blockchain is a ledger of records organised in ‘blocks’ that are linked together by cryptographic validation. It is a digital storage of consensus truth. The key is to understand that this ledger is neither stored in a centralized location nor managed by any single entity, hence its distributed-ness. The block validation system results in new transactions being added irreversibly and old transactions preserved forever for all to see, hence its transparency and resilience. Open-source software that leverage on the blockchain technology are called dApps.

More info on blockchain HERE

What blockchain technology are we using?

We're using the Waves Platform, an open source blockchain platform that provides full blockchain ecosystem including smart contracts.

How does the blockchain network work?

There is a huge collection of nodes deployed by miners that store all of the network information in the chain of blocks (blockchain), process requests and can add new transactions to the network after checking their compliance with the rules.

The main advantage of this technology is that each node is a synchronised copy of the main blockchain: it means that the information is stored decentralised and won't be overwritten globally if one of the users changes it at one of the node storages. This can guarantee that the user's information will stay fair and unchangeable.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.

One of the best things about the blockchain is that, because it is a decentralised system that exists between all permitted parties, there’s no need to pay intermediaries (Middlemen) and it saves you time and conflict. Blockchains have their problems, but they are rated, undeniably, faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional systems, which is why banks and governments are turning to them.

Smart contract info HERE. Waves smart contract info HEREHERE, and HERE.

Power of the creators

What Makes Artflix Different? Creator decides the price and gets paid. We have set ourselves the goal of not taking away the authority of the artist over their art as all other platforms do.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Performer, graduated from DIMITRI academy and Master of Arts at Bern.

Sebastian Kläy

Chief Community Manager

Actress, graduated from DIMITRI academy.

Alessandra Ardito

Chief Marketing Manager

UBIS University of Business and International Studies


Daniel 'dj' Johannes

Happy Customers

Core Team
Things That Define Artflix

The power over the art value it's taken away from the creators. And we are going to change this! We bring theater and performance art to the online world. Every artist in the world is using the Artflix dApp and LOVES IT!

1. Our Talents

Through the DAO, only the valuable creators are selected.

2. Our Passions

Creators are paid for the time the user watches art online.

3. Our Inspirations

The creator can determine the price of his art himself.

4. The Content

On the platform, the most diverse forms of aesthetic and content are juxtaposed and juxtaposed.

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Investment opportunity

We will face a few challenges on this journey. The first being a great design and useful decentralised application (dApp). We will also have the challenge of finding suitable artists to promote.


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About Our Business

Artflix: the app for live streaming performances and concerts.

We are created by artists for artists, and aim to provide a platform that supports artists on their creative journeys. Our running costs will be covered by a suggested donation from artists, after they've received 100% of the ticket sales revenue. 

We aim to create a platform that removes the middlemen. Our artists get paid for their performances directly and immediately.


How do we differ from other services?

On other platforms, middlemen call the shots. Artists are paid for getting their viewers  to watch adverts instead of being paid for their viewers watching their art, and the music industry usually takes the largest cut of revenue that is made. Artists are given the smallest slice of their own pie, while a whole ecosytem profits corporate benefactors.

We, at Artflix, want to create an infrastructure that removes all of these middlemen, and puts the power, and the profit, back into the hands of the artist.

Our artists upload a video to Artflix, and our users stream that video. Thanks to smart contracts built into the decentralised infrasctructure, artists are paid directly, immediately, and without any third party interaction.


Exclusively at Artflix


We are using blockchain technology to ensure that our artists will never have to deal with middlemen on our platform.


We have created the Artflix token. Our connected cryptocurrency, that ensures artists get paid directly, with no failures, and without a middleman. You can buy the Artflix token HERE on the waves exchange. Our node is up and running.


Artflix will be a Web 3.0 application. We plan to grow with this new technology together with the Waves Platform, and Apps with Love

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Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with the highest projected potential for growth. Artflix uses VR technology to make the theater real experience at home. 

VR Technologie
Local theater in digital space

Theater, performance, music, comedians, clowns, street art, stand-up, and poetry slams is an experience that's best enjoyed live and on-site. Artflix can not and does not want to change that. Rather, it's about supplementing this experience in digital space.


Artflix dApp is ​​a decentralized authority organization run by creators for creators. We take nothing away from the creators but offers him a platform to replace the greedy middleman.


On Artflix plays can be viewed in other countries and cities. Artflix ensures that pieces do not disappear after a few performances as before. There are also performances available that were sold out or no longer being played. Anyone who can not be in the theater on location for a variety of reasons still has the opportunity to be part of the theater experience.

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